The new Light My Bricks website

Light My Bricks is proud to announce the official opening of our new online store and our new brand!

Why the new logo?

When we first started, a little over two years ago, Light My Bricks was about providing customers with LED lights to apply to their LEGO sets and builds.

By adding lights to LEGO, we were able to provide an extra element of detail that proved popular amongst the community. But we quickly realised that it wasn't just about the lights that customers liked, but it was the ability to showcase their collection and create something truly spectacular with our kits and lighting components.

By using Light My Bricks, our customers were able to put the "spotlight" on their models. Therefore, our logo switched from the "lightbulb" concept, into a spotlight where LEGO is the star of the show!

And this spotlight concept now underpins our approach to all our designs and products. Our LEGO light kits are all about bringing a "wow" factor that will bring your collection to centre stage!

Along with the new logo is a commitment to providing the best possible LEGO lighting experience possible. We've upgraded our packaging and unboxing experience so that hopefully it captures the same sense of excitement and anticipation when you open a brand new LEGO set.

New Website

Our logo isn't all that has changed. 

Light My Bricks have also built a brand new website, with better site navigation and layouts.

We have also implemented a "Suggest-A-LEGO-Set" feature where you can let us know what you think should be our next lighting kit release!

We hope you enjoy our new look and feel as well as the new site. As always, we welcome your honest feedback.

About Light My Bricks

Light My Bricks stock LED lighting components designed specifically for LEGO. Our lights and components are small enough to fit between LEGO bricks, meaning wires and lights can be concealed to not detract from your LEGO models.

Light My Bricks has the largest range of LEGO lighting kits for a wide variety of LEGO sets, including Star Wars, Creator Series, Architecture and the Modular Building range.

Our product range includes custom designed lighting kits built for specific LEGO sets, and we also stock individual components for those DIYers that wish to get creative with their creations.

Our high-quality LEGO lights and components are tested prior to delivery and packaged in anti-static bags to protect your purchase.  

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