Technic DIY Designer Kit

We’re very excited to introduce a brand new kit, both in concept and content! The Technic DIY Designer Kit is the ultimate toolbox for the technical lighting builder out there. Featuring the best components our DIY range has to offer, in order to design the perfect lighting system for any LEGO Technic set.

We are constantly inundated with requests to design lighting kits for so many different LEGO Technic sets, that it’s impossible for us to fit them all in our production schedule! To this end we asked ourselves, how can we help all of the Technic Light My Bricks technicians out there who want to design a lighting kit for say, the 42099 4x4 Off Roader? or perhaps the 42098 Car Transporter?

Enter the DIY Designer Kit.

Use the Technic DIY Designer kit to create a lighting system for literally any LEGO Technic set in existence, from something as small and simple as the 42047 Police Interceptor all the way up to something as large and complex as the 42055 Bucket Wheel Excavator!


The kit features a range of our most practical components like Bit Lights, Connecting Cables and Expansion Boards. Replacement plates and LEGO components to swap out as necessary, as well as vehicle specific items like the Rotating Bit Light and Multi Effects Board to take any design to the next level.

Bit Lights, the staple of every light kit. Perfect for everything from head lights to tail lights. Connecting Cables, the links in the chain. All sizes represented here from 5cm for close quarters all the way up to 50cm for those hard to reach, far away places. With Expansion Boards, the sky’s the limit. Load them up and light up your design.

As previously mentioned, the kit also features Technic favourites like the Rotating Bit Light, perfect to replicate beacon lighting. A Multi Effects Board, to cover a range of enhancing lighting effects. Not to mention other essentials like a selection of LEGO Trans Plates and connecting pins as well as the classic Light My Bricks AA Battery Pack and USB Power Cable to power any creation reliably for hours on end.


The idea is that no matter your experience level with lighting, you can take the Technic DIY Designer Kit and either learn to light your very first LEGO set, or perhaps once you’ve tried your hand with several of our official pre-designed kits, expertly craft your own perfect lighting system for that rare Technic Vehicle that few others have. Crack this kit open and using the accompanying designer guide, build out whatever your engineering mind can envision.

We can hear you ask “will there be other DIY Designer Kits available soon?” The answer is yes! We’re already putting our heads together on several other designer ideas to help serve underrepresented and unique LEGO sets.

While we can’t create specific light kits for every single LEGO set in existence (hello, there’s over 16k and counting!) Our goal is to make sure all Light My Bricks fans, no matter their experience level, have options when it comes to lighting their personal favourite sets. No matter how old, obscure or long out of production they may be.



We’re excited to launch this brand new product and to see some of the endless possibilities we know Light My Bricks fans can bring to life. Head on over to our YouTube channel below to view the product release video and let us know which LEGO Technic set you will design your own light system for first!

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