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At Light My Bricks, we have the widest range of light kits designed for LEGO sets. Whether you're into buildings like the Disney Castle (71040) or vehicles like the Millennium Falcon (75192), our catalogue of custom LED lighting kits will cater for kinds of LEGO fans.

Light My Bricks light kits are designed, assembled and quality tested in Melbourne, Australia. Our team of passionate designers take great care and thought with each light kit we release. Our LED lights and lighting effects are applied to LEGO sets to naturally enhance their designs and features.

Our light kits also include original LEGO parts, including transparent bricks and tiles to create new lighting opportunities that will bring your set to life! 

Light My Bricks components are small enough to fit in between and underneath LEGO bricks, but unlike other lighting systems, our components are not crudely fused into the bricks and pieces. This means our lighting system is 100% modular and scalable!

To find a lighting kit for your LEGO set, simply scroll and browse below to find the appropriate light up kit. You can also use the search function above and type in the model name or number to find your set.

As the LEGO catalogue grows, so does our LED light range. However, if you find that your set is not currently available, visit our Suggest A LEGO Set page and recommend what we should design next - we'll also notify you once it's ready!

Below is just a sample of some of the LEGO series we carry light kits for:

LEGO Star Wars

One of LEGO's most popular product lines can now be brought to life with our custom LED lighting system. Browse our catalogue of Star Wars designed light kits, which include Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) sets and LED lightsabers for minifigures!

LEGO Modular Building Series

The Modular Building series is a dream come true for adult fans of LEGO. With ultra-detailed buildings, ranging from a Town Hall (10224) to a Detective's Office (10246), there is enough variety in sets to create your own large scale LEGO town. And now with our easy to install light kits, you can create your very own realistic and fully functioning town.

LEGO Technic

The LEGO Technic range offers fans thirsty for a challenge an opportunity to build more complex sets using advanced building techniques and pieces. With a high degree of playability and movable parts, the Technic range is perfect for those wanting to create realistic recreations of real-life machines. 

Whether it's a supercar like the Bugatti Chiron (42083) or massive Mercedes Benz Arocs (42043), Light My Bricks lights can add an extra layer of realism to your collection.

LEGO Ideas

Ever wanted to create your own LEGO set? That's exactly what LEGO Ideas is! Fan-submitted creations have now been turned into actual commercially available sets! 

Super popular ideas like the NASA Apollo Saturn V (21309) or the Old Fishing Store (21310) are sets people can now own. And now you can our specially designed LEGO lights to your collection and bring them to life!

Easy to install LEGO light kits

Our light kits come with detailed, step-by-step installation guides to help you add lights to your favourite models. No electronics experience required!

Connect multiple kits

Do you own multiple Light My Bricks light kits or wish to light up multiple LEGO sets using a single power source?

Because Light My Bricks is a scalable and modular lighting system, our light kits can be connected using our Multi-Light Kit Connection Kit. This will enable you to connect up to 4 lighting kits together. Extra Multi-Light Kit Connection Kits will allow you to daisy chain extra Light My Bricks kits!

Add sound to your LEGO!

Light My Bricks also produce sound kits to make your LEGO sets even more realistic. Complement your lights with audio too!

Our sound kits will allow you to upload your own MP3 files and play them back through our tiny, but powerful integrated speaker system. The sound system is 100% compatible with all of our light kits and includes a remote control for easy playback.

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