Marvel Helmet Lighting Journal

There appears to be no limit to LEGO's innovation when it comes to new products - and all of these newly developed helmets are no exception!

It began with a DIY experiment at the start of the year and followed with the exciting expansion of the Star Wars helmet range during May 4th week. Now, focus is turning to the Marvel universe (in more ways than one!) and we're beyond excited!

LEGO first launched the all new concept in April last year with the Boba Fett, Storm Trooper and Tie Fighter Pilot helmets. An awesome innovation that saw them follow up quickly with the equally iconic Iron Man helmet.

This is when we started to take notice. At first our designers weren't so sure if there was enough detail and features to constitute an entire light kit, so the team decided it was a great opportunity to show off the ease and versatility of our DIY range - resulting in a short tutorial on how to light the Iron Man helmet with just a handful of components!

The article was a roaring success, with many first time LEGO lighting hobbyists enjoying just keeping things simple and getting a taste of what lighting up and displaying a small set can be like! So with May 4th approaching last month, it was decided that the original Star Wars helmets would get an offical release - with the addition of our newly designed spotlight! These additional elements ensured there was enough going on to warrant a full kit and were perfect for the display orientated releases.

Fast forward to present day! LEGO are turning their attention to all things MARVEL with several new announcements, including the Daily Bugle and Infinity Gauntlet sets to name a few... but the reason we're all here is for these amazing Venom and Carnage sets!

Our team had a blast building them and with the experience of designing the Star Wars helmets under our belt, it was time to give Tony Stark an official release - it's only fair!

The main thing our team has learnt lighting up these different helmets over the past few months is that it's all about display with these bad boys. It's a totally different experience from lighting up say, a Modular Building which requires a lot more time to assemble, resulting in a more detailed lighting effect. While there are much less lights that make up any one helmet light kit, the few that are necessary really pack a punch! And result in an awesome display piece that will cause a buzz on any bookshelf! This is in equal part due to the internal lights, emitting light out from the build and our newly designed Spotlights - shining light up and back onto the build.

These helmet kits offer a great entry point into the LEGO lighting hobby with their low price tag and speedy instructions. Fans of all experience levels can quickly upgrade their helmets displayability with ease!

We know that LEGO must be busy cooking up a range of new helmets, based on any number of awesome characters. Who do you want to see in helmet form? Let us know in the comments below!

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