Interview with Gen Santos - LEGO superfan

Introduce yourself a little to the wider LMB audience, what’s your name, where are you from, what was your first LEGO set?

Hi there, my name is Gen Santos and I’m from Sydney, Australia. My first ever Lego set was the Creator Expert Detectives Office (LEGO set 10246).

Definitely a great one to start the city off with! What was it about the Detectives Office in particular that made you select it over other Modular Buildings available at the time? Was it a particular detail that caught your eye?

I was fortunate enough to visit Legoland Malaysia a few years ago with my boyfriend. Unfortunately although they had on display a selection of the modulars, it was only the Detective’s Office that was available at the time... So I guess it was destined to be my first modular, haha!

It was meant to be we think! So, how long have you been collecting LEGO?

I have been an avid LEGO collector for just over 5 years.

When did you become familiar with the term AFOL and when did you start collecting and building as an adult?

I actually never played with LEGO as a child. I only started looking at LEGO sets when purchasing it for friends and family, mostly my nieces and partner. I became familiar with the term AFOL after seeing the acronym on an Instagram account. I actually had to google it to find out what it stood for! I started collecting and building in May of 2016, after our trip to Legoland.

So it sounds like you came straight into the hobby via the Modular Building series? Is that right? Or did another LEGO theme start you off?

Yep, it was the Modular Buildings that ignited my love of LEGO. I saw that modular city display on that same trip with my boyfriend decided I wanted to start a city there and then!

Legoland must have made a real impression then, how did you come up with the name Seahaven?

I was inspired from the movie The Truman Show. The city of the make believe town that Truman lived in was called Seahaven Island and I thought it was appropriate for my make believe LEGO City.

Oh of course, I didn't realise the name came from The Truman Show! I should have caught that, as it's a great movie. Do you have a favourite Modular Building in Seahaven? or a favourite street or section of town?

I think the Detectives Office will always hold a special place in my heart since it was my first ever modular. I love every aspect of Seahaven, but the view down Main Street would be a favourite. It also caught Lego’s attention

We're not surprised it's come up on LEGO's radar, that view down Main Street is a real show stopper! It must have taken many hours to get it looking like that as well. Do you work on Seahaven as a solo hobby? Or is the city maintained with the help of friends and family?

Seahaven is a solo project of mine.

Are there any other builders in the LEGO Community that you get inspired by?

There are a few LEGO city builders out there who I follow and love what they’ve done with their cities, but Mark @mrbookieboo inspired me to join Instagram and light up my city. He continues to inspire me to keep working on my city.

How did you come across LEGO lighting?

I came across Mark’s account and loved the lights for his modulars. I decided to try a light kit which I bought from the Sydney Brickshow. It looked amazing but quality was very poor. Max @mk_bricks suggested I try Light My Bricks and I never looked back

What, if anything, do you think is missing from the LEGO lighting hobby?

I would love to have both my Ferris Wheel and Carousel lights operate with the lights on without using a power bank but be connected to mains power. I know there’s a slip ring option for the Ferris Wheel which another light brand came up with. I find power banks too bulky. Would also love lights that flash to the beat of the music, especially for the Ferris Wheel.

Hey, now that's a great idea! We'll have to have a word with the Light My Bricks component designers about that one! In the meantime, what keeps you growing and expanding Seahaven?

The release of new modulars and sets I can incorporate into Seahaven is what inspires me to work and continually improve the layout of Seahaven.

Of course, we're all waiting for the next Modular Building each year aren't we? We’ve all got our dream addition though, what building would you like to see LEGO release at some point?

There’s a few buildings I would love LEGO to release. One would be a museum and the other a hospital. I would also love LEGO to re-release Cafe Corner and Green Grocer. I already have both modulars in Seahaven after I bought the parts from Bricklink but would love it if LEGO added more interior details.

I don’t think you’re alone in wanting those two re-released! But wow! A museum would be an amazing addition to the series! I can see the LEGO dinosaur fossils in my mind now!

Gen, thanks so much for sitting down with us for a chat. It’s been so great to get an insight into Seahaven and learn a bit more about the builder behind the city! Is there anything we’ve missed or something else you’d like to share with the LMB audience?

I guess the only additional thing is that my partner’s collection is not displayed in the Lego Room. His collection is in his office. He doesn’t light them up though... yet!

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