UCS Millennium Falcon Light Kit has been released!

Ever since the LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon 2nd Edition (75912) was released, the buzz surrounding this set has been fever pitch. Social media, Reddit and LEGO forums have been plastered with photos of proud owners showing off their new Corellian freighter.

Totaling at 7,541 pieces, the Falcon is perhaps the most hyped LEGO product launch in recent memory.

LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon #75192 set

Ever since this set hit the shelves, our customers have been asking us (a lot), when we'd release our own UCS Millennium Falcon lighting kit. Like most fans, we wanted to be prepared - making sure we placed our pre-order down nice and early on the official LEGO website.

The team here at Light My Bricks were all giddy with anticipation, with all of us being Star Wars fans. We had been eagerly following the LEGO Twitter/Instagram posts and various blogging websites and we were all looking forward to unboxing this behemoth set. Our design team, in particular, were ready to dive in and weave their LEGO lighting magic. Except, there was one problem...

The LEGO Falcon set was sold out.

Like a lot of other LEGO fans worldwide, we got the dreaded email from LEGO notifying us the UCS Millennium Falcon was out of stock and pre-orders were back ordered with no indication as to when stocks would be replenished.

The collective air in the LMB offices was instantly sucked out. The feeling of anticipation was quickly replaced with Grade A "freaking out" as we scrambled to all the local online retailers to see if we could place an order for the LEGO kit. 


But alas, the Falcon would not be ours that day (or weeks for that matter) and LEGO lights would have to wait.

With shoulders slumped and a sense of defeat, the LEGO lighting team at LMB could only just sit back and wait until a UCS Millennium Falcon set became available.

And eventually, like all things, patience was what was needed.

After seven weeks from its initial release, we finally managed to get our hands on a Star Wars LEGO set!


The moment the package arrived in the office, our team members set on it like a pack of wolves! Guys and girls were jostling to take a peek at the contents. After a good hour of "ooohing" and "aaahing" (the package design was top notch!), the design team pulled rank and began their quest of building the set.

After approximately 40 hours over six days, the Falcon was built! 

A sense of achievement and pride descended over the team; the Millennium Falcon was built and sitting proudly in the main office table. 

But like all LEGO builds, we were on a mission. A mission to add LEGO lights to LEGO sets! With the coffee pot percolating and the Star Wars films playing in the background for inspiration, the design team got cracking with decking out the Millennium Falcon with our signature LEGO LED lights!

Lot's of coffee

Our Light My Bricks design team implement LEGO LED lights where they feel details will be enhanced best while providing as much concealment of components as possible. We're also firm believers in not manipulating or altering LEGO bricks as much as possible and try to stay true to the original form.

With these principles in mind, the design team poured their heart and soul into making a lighting kit that enhanced the features and details of the beloved Star Wars spaceship, while ensuring nothing impacted the integrity of the set itself. 

All-in-all, the team spent another four days creating the LEGO light designs and layouts and everyone on the team couldn't have been more proud of how it turned out.

So finally, after much anticipation, Light My Bricks is proud to announce the release of our LEGO UCS Millennium Falcon 2nd Edition (75912) Light Kit!

We know the Falcon is a centrepiece, and something owners want to display (or show off). That's why our design team worked hard to ensure every detail possible is brought to life in this magnificent set.

Careful attention has been made so that when you flick that switch, you'll really feel like this was THE ship that made the Kessell Run in 12 parsecs!

Some of the cool features we've managed to pack in, include:

  • blue illumination for the cockpit area;
  • flashing top and bottom cannons;
  • red lights at the forward mandibles;
  • internal lighting for lounging area;
  • internal lighting for engineering room;
  • and rear lighting for the Falcon's iconic hyperdrive unit

For a sneak peak of our LEGO lights in action, check out the promotional video we shot exclusively for this release:

Our UCS Millennium Falcon LEGO lighting kit includes 34 lights in various colours and effects, all designed to enhance the details of this classic Star Wars icon. 

Join Han, Chewie and the rest of the rag-tag crew onboard the Millennium Falcon and enjoy the spectacle of seeing this LEGO masterpiece truly come to life with your very own light kit - buy your own UCS Millennium Falcon light kit today!

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